10th Anniversary Gift Ideas

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10th Anniversary Gift Tin With "Connection" pendant (18k White Gold )

10th Wedding Anniversary Gift

For special 10th, the meaningful "connection" pendant is carefully packed within a lovely tin box...Tin / aluminum is the tradition material to celebrate a 10th wedding anniversary!

Ogee shaped pendant is inspired by the line of connection at the heart of the classic Asian symbol for harmony. It's meant to symbolize balance in nature... as well as between man and woman.


10th Anniversary Jewelry:Ten Diamond Harmony Heart

Tenth anniversary gift

If you are looking for diamond jewelry to give your wife as a tenth anniversary gift then consider this Harmony Heart Pendant.

Ten diamonds glide down the center of this unique 18k gold heart. The Harmony Heart design is both meaningful and beautiful, symbolizing the special bond between 2 people.

10th Anniversary Jewelry: Hearts in Hearts in circle pendant

Tenth anniversary gift

The color theme for10th anniversary is Silver. Giving this sterling silver pendant makes a lovely tenth anniversary....

10hearts (5 small hearts in 5 lager hearts) lacy rosette pendant is especially suited for tenth anniversary gift.

Wedding and 10th Anniversary Gifts: Meaningful Yin-Yang Vase Pair

10th Wedding Anniversary Gift

This anniversary gift is an especially appropriate choice when buying for a couple. Made of aluminum, the Yin-Yang Vase Gift Set uses two vases that were designed to be together… with interlocking shapes!

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Silver/Blue
  • Flower: Daffodil
  • Gemstone: Diamond/Black Onyx/Blue Sapphire

10th Anniversary is Tin or Aluminum, according to the traditional anniversary gift list.

It's part of the continuum of metals used to celebrate anniversaries. Although aluminum is an abundant element, it was actually an extremely costly material before efficient methods of extracting it were developed. In the early 1850s, it was still more expensive than gold!

But as technology improved, production costs went down. Though a metal, aluminum is extremely lightweight. It has been used in everything from brightly colored martini shakers to lightweight chairs to soda cans.

Why both tin and aluminum? Most likely because both metals have a number of similar properties.. both are malleable metals, resistant to corrosion, and light grey in appearance. They are also (at least today) among the more basic metals rather than the precious ones. As this is the first metal chosen to celebrate a major anniversary year, it seems reasonable that a more common one was chosen.

As for suggestions for what to get in tin? We carry some meaningful jewelry packaged in a lovely tin box. As for aluminum, we also carry a series of unique aluminum vases, specially created to fit together. They both catch the spirit of the anniversary, as well as the tradition material used to celebrate it.

The modern gift lists suggest a different material for the tenth wedding anniversary... diamond! Sparkling, lovely, rare, valuable, romantic... Diamonds speak for themselves, with all the symbolism easily appreciated.