12th Anniversary Gift Ideas

12th Anniversary is Silk or Linen according to the traditional gift list.... » read gift background

Mother & Child Necklace - 12th Wedding Anniversary Gift

12th anniversary gift

Pearl is used to celebrate a 12th anniversary according to the modern gift list. This necklace combines an Akoya Saltwater Pearl with a sterling silver shell and chain. The pearl and shell are a natural combination.

Red Silk Kimono from Japan - 12th Wedding Anniversary Gift

12th Anniversary Gifts

Silk is the traditional gift to celebrate a 12th anniversary. This Japanese kimono is made from pure silk. It makes an exotic robe or luxurious nightgown.

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Oyster White
  • Flower: Peony
  • Gemstone: Jade/Pearl

12th Anniversary is Silk or Linen according to the traditional gift list.

Silk can be sexy and shimmering, or delicate and refined. Depending on the weave, it can be soft or more durable. It’s often beautiful, in either the patterns of its weave, or the colored dyes or prints that embellish it.

We carry a line of Japanese kimono style robes in 100% silk. They’re exotic in look, and extremely comfortable to wear as nightgowns or robes.

Other silk items we have are made from vintage kimono fabric. They include silk scarves created in-house to use these beautiful fabrics. The other item we’ve created from this silk fabric is a unique wristlet. It’s a small purse with 2 pockets, perfectly sized to hold an iPod or similar item, along with an extra pocket for a cell phone or other small accessory.

As for linen, the original meaning was a fabric woven from flax fibers, strong fibers that are cool to the touch. Both the strength of the fabric and the idea of weaving something over time, seem reasonable associations of this fabric to an anniversary. Or maybe it’s just an excuse to get something nice for the house… Its general meaning today has broadened, to include a variety of woven textiles, whether sheets for a bedroom, towels for a bathroom, or tablecloths for the kitchen.

Pearls are the suggested gift material according to the modern gift list. Pearls have been prized for their beauty for generations. Though they occur naturally in clams, it's exceedingly rare to find them in this totally natural state. Most pearls these days are cultivated. Like agriculture, they're created by nature, but farmed to allow a greater supply.

They are built up by layers of nacre, a natural substance slowly secreted by the clam. Pearls actually come in many shapes, though often the round ones are more prized. And they can be created in saltwater or fresh. Akoya pearls (created in saltwater) are often considered more prized, due to a richer iridiscence and luster.