13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

13th anniversary material is textiles or furs... » read gift background

Japanese Cotton Robe (blue cranes on white) - 13th Wedding Anniversary Gift

13th anniversary Gift

Textiles are the preferred gift for a 13th anniversary according to the modern anniversary gift list. This 100% cotton robe ("yukata") has been imported from Japan.

Japanese Silk Kimono Robe - 13th Wedding Anniversary Gift

13th Wedding anniversary gift

This vibrant kimono is also imported from Japan. Cranes and cherry blossoms appear on a black background. An exotic and sophisticated silk robe...

Anniversary Background

  • Color: White
  • Flower: Hollyhock
  • Gemstone: Citrine/Moonstone/Malachite

13th Anniversary is Lace, according to the traditional anniversary list.

Lace is a fabric made of a delicate, open weave pattern. A very feminine fabric, it's used in alluring clothing, as well as very traditional table settings (such as doilies under drinks or the edges of cloth napkins). An entire garment can be made of lace. Or it can be used sparingly on the fringe to dress something up.

Because it's more delicate than tightly woven cloth, its use helps make things special. The symbolism for a 13th anniversary is most likely that combination of delicacy and beauty.

In the modern gift list, either textiles or furs are considered appropriate gifts according to the modern gift list.

Textiles (woven fabrics) are an inherently flexible material, both literally and figuratively. The choice if textiles was probably based on practical considerations, since it can embellish the home or the body, in a wide variety of prices and designs. Depending on the choice of material, weave, coloring, and design, it can be plain or decorative, subtle or ornate. Textiles cover a broad range of potential gifts, from curtains to clothing.

Furs have associations with warmth and high style, whether used for trim or as a full coat. Though the lure of natural fur coats may be more in question today, the beauty of furs is not.