15th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Crystal is the traditional 15th anniversary gift... » read gift background

Unique Czech Glass Vase - 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Czech Crystal Vase for 15th Anniversary Gift

This softly rounded glass flower vase has a gentle shape, but bold colors! It's imported from the Czech Republic.

15 Diamond Facet Necklace - 15th Anniversary Gift

15th Wedding Anniversary Gift

This original Facet pendant has 15 diamonds. A diamond for every year... Three diamonds on each of five sides of this unique pendant.

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Ruby Red
  • Flower: Rose
  • Gemstone: Ruby/Rhodolite Garnet/Alexandrite

Crystal is the traditional 15th anniversary gift.

Crystal is a high quality cut glass. Originally it was made with a high lead content to increase brilliance More recently, the term “crystal” is used in a more general sense to describe fine glassware.

Glass is an amazing material on it’s own, with fascinating properties… It can be transparent, translucent or opaque. It can be blown or cast into shapes. Add in the care that goes into cutting and shaping the glass into crystal, and its uniqueness grows even more.

Crystal is often used in fine glasses, pitchers, and platters. It can be used in candlestick holders or for glass vases. It can also be crafted into collectible art objects, to be admired simply for their beauty. Crystal has connotations with sophistication and longevity… with crystal often being passed down over generations.

The modern gift list suggests a watch for a 15th anniversary gift. A watch crystal refers to its transparent glass face. It seems likely that the modern gift list simply broadened the meaning of 15th anniversary crystal to include watches, as well. Watches seem like a natural anniversary gift, since they also deal with the movement of time.