1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

First anniversary material is paper...why paper?? » read gift background

Paper Anniversary Gift: a Dozen Red Paper Roses

Dozen Red Paper Roses

The beautiful red petals won't give the secret of this bouquet away! At first glance, this bouquet is simply a dozen, lovely red roses... a classic, romantic gift. But it really is created from paper, making it the perfect paper anniversary gift!

Paper is the traditional gift to celebrate a first anniversary. Even beyond the beauty and symbolism of these red paper roses, they do one other thing that cut flowers just can't... they last!

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Red Paper Roses in a Colorful Glass Vase

1st Wedding Anniversary Gift

A dozen red paper roses in a lovely glass vase. This gift set is a perfect 1st anniversary gift, since paper is the traditional gift...

This particular 1st anniversary gift set combines these paper roses with a glass vase to display them.

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Paper Anniversary Diamond Droplet: Original Diamond Pendant in an Origami Box

Paper Anniversary gift

Unwrap this special origami box, to reveal a single black pouch. Within it is a unique gold and diamond pendant. At the center is a single diamond representing the beginning. Around it, the 18k gold ripples... Like a pebble, lightly touching the surface of a still lake.

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Anniversary Background

  • Color: Yellow
  • Flower: Pansy
  • Gemstone: Fresh water pearls

The traditional 1st Anniversary gift is Paper.  Why paper for 1st?  Paper is somewhat fragile, fairly common, and usually inexpensive (often a good thing for a young couple).

Your married life is just beginning.  So perhaps it’s a blank sheet waiting to be written on…  The paper anniversary is often celebrated as the first milestone of marriage.

Modern Gift lists suggest another possibility for a first wedding anniversary... a clock. One possible reason for this choice is the obvious association with time. Though the wedding might be the official beginning of marriage, the first year anniversary marks the first milestone over time..

So if you go this route, you might literally get a clock, or possibly a fashionable watch.