20th Anniversary Gift Ideas

20th anniversary material is Platinum and China » read gift background

20 Diamond Facet Necklace (platinum) - Special 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift

20 Diamond Facet Necklace (platinum)

This original Facet pendant has 20 diamonds. A diamond for every year... Four diamonds on each of five sides of this unique pendant. Facets Jewelry was inspired by life: many sides, many facets.....

It's carefully packed within a lovely tin box... Tin / aluminum is the tradition material to celebrate a 10th wedding anniversary!

Platinum "Ogee" Connection Necklace - 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift

20th wedding anniversary gift

Platinum is the suggested material for a 20th anniversary according to the modern gift list. The original platinum Ogee pendant is meant to symbolize balance in nature... and between man and woman.

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Emerald Green/White
  • Flower: Day Lily
  • Gemstone: Emerald/Yellow or Golden Diamond

The traditional 20th Anniversary gift is China. Fine china is a perfect complement to fine crystal. It’s what you take out for special occasions...

China originally meant a high quality porcelain or ceramic piece from China. It has now taken on the broader meaning of all fine quality, delicate ceramics. Some porcelain china even takes on a glow… it’s so thin that it becomes translucent, letting light filter through.

Often purchased in sets, it can be a place settings for eight, or tea cups for two. China combines beauty, delicacy, and function.

Platinum is suggested by the modern anniversary gift list for a 20th anniversary wedding gift. Platinum is an even rarer and more precious metal than gold.

Beautiful with a silver-white color, it’s an extremely dense metal. Holding even a small piece of platinum jewelry, you can feel the weight in your hand. It’s quite durable, with a harder surface than either gold or silver.