25th Anniversary Gift Ideas

25th anniversary material is Silver! » read gift background

Harmony Heart with Silver Beads - 25th Anniversary Gift

25th anniversary Gift

This elegant sterling silver Harmony Heart has a simple line of silver beads down the center. The Harmony Heart symbolizes 2 hearts becoming one.

25 Diamond Facet Necklace - 25th Anniversary Gift

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Silver is the suggested 25th anniversary gift according to tradition. This original Facet pendant has 25 diamonds. Five are set on each of the five sides of this unique sterling silver pendant.

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Silver
  • Flower: Iris
  • Gemstone: Sterling Silver

The traditional 25th Anniversary gift is Silver.

Silver is a rare and beautiful metal. Less expensive than gold, it is also a bit more malleable. It’s been used to ornament both body and home for centuries. Silver jewelry has been around for thousands of years. Silver has been used in household objects as well, such as candlestick holders, jewelry boxes, or silverware.

Silver takes on a patina over time. This darkening of the surface can either be polished off, or used to enhance the appearance (by highlighting the indentations and embellishments of the surface). The cost of silver, while not as high as some other precious metals, still tends to keep objects fairly small, for affordability’s sake.

Silver as a 25th anniversary material, apparently dates from medieval times, with a silver wreath given to the happily married couple. A 25th anniversary is often simply known as the “silver anniversary.” A true milestone, deserving of a rare and precious gift.

Modern gift lists also suggest silver as the gift of choice. It's one of the few occasions both traditional and modern gift lists coincide. Makes your choice that much simpler!