2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas

Second anniversary material is cotton...why cotton?? » read gift background

Cotton Pouch with Silver " Connection " Necklace

2nd anniversary gift

Cotton is the traditional choice for a 2nd Wedding Anniversary. We've designed this cotton pouch specially for a 2nd anniversary gift. Of course, it's only part of the gift!

Open this lovely pouch to reveal a sterling silver Ogee Pendant and snake chain.

Blue Yukata: Cotton Kimono from Japan

Cotton Kimono - Blue Yukata for 2nd anniversary gift

Cotton is the traditional gift to celebrate a 2nd anniversary. And this lovely robe is made of 100% cotton.

It's perfect around the house after a shower or bath. Imported from Japan, it's a little bit exotic and and a little bit useful...

His + Her Yukatas (traditional Japanese Cotton Robes)

2nd anniversary gift

This set of traditional Japanese cotton robes is a lovely 2nd anniversary gift for a couple. It's cotton, which is the traditional gift material. But more importantly, it's memorable, exotic, and really comfortable!

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Red
  • Flower: Cosmos
  • Gemstone: Garnet/Rose Quartz

The traditional 2nd wedding anniversary gift is Cotton. Though a common material, cotton can be both practical and lovely... an ideal combination! Cotton can be dyed or printed upon. Fabric woven of cotton is known for being natural, lightweight, and durable.

Modern Gift lists suggest china as second wedding anniversary idea. Though not necessarily romantic, it does makes sense for a household just getting started.