30th Anniversary Gift Ideas

The traditional 30th Anniversary gift is Pearl. » read gift background

Mother and Children Necklace for a 30th wedding anniversary gift.

30th Anniversary gift

Two Akoya pearls hang beneath a silver shell. The shell symbolizes " mother " and the pearls, her children.

Diamond Droplet Pendant - 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift

30th Anniversary Gift

The modern gift list suggest diamonds to celebrate a 30th anniversary. This diamond droplet has a quarter carat diamond set within a sea of 18k yellow gold.

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Green
  • Flowe: Sweet Pea
  • Gemstone: Pearl

The traditional 30th Anniversary gift is Pearl.

The earlier major anniversaries work their way through various metal of increasing rarity. The 30th anniversary is the beginning of the use of a valuable gemstone chosen for a significant anniversary.

Slowly formed over many years, pearls are simple and alluring. They have an iridescence, a subtly colored, everchanging beauty that is natural, not machine made. A simple string of pearls is the height of understated elegance. A single earring equally so... just picture the Vermeer painting, " Girl with a Pearl Earring ".

Almost all pearls used in jewelry today are cultivated. They are grown naturally by mollusks (clams or mussels) in either salt or freshwater, but they are farmed (cultivated). The process is begun and guided with the hand of man, but the handiwork and beauty is all natural. They can be perfectly round, or less symmetric, but there’s always a lovely luminescence in a pearl. Pearls of course do exist purely in nature, but they’re one in a million.

Diamond is the suggested 30th anniversary gift by the modern anniversary gift list.