35th Anniversary Gift Ideas

35th Anniversary is Coral. » read gift background

A Connection of Rose Gold - 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift

35th Anniversary Gift

This 'Ogee' pendant has a sinuous shape drawn from the line of connection at the heart of the classic Yin-Yang symbol. It's meant to symbolize balance in nature, as well as between man and woman.

Gold Facet Necklace - 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift

35th Anniversary Gift

This 18k white gold pendant has 5 sides, an original design with a meaningful idea. Facets Jewelry was inspired by life: many sides, many facets...

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Coral
  • Flowe: None
  • Gemstone: Emerald

35th Anniversary is Coral. Red coral, in particular, is often used for creating jewelry.

Coral are originally marine organisms that group in colonies and usually grow in clear, shallow tropical waters. Coral is tropical and sensitive to pollution and the changing climate, so it’s becoming rarer in this day and age.

Though chemically similar to pearls, its appearance is quite different. A relatively soft material, when designed as jewelry, it’s usually either made into a cabochon (non-faceted gem) or a bead.

Jade is the modern gift list suggestion for a 35th wedding anniversary gift. This gemstone is created from either jadeite or nephrite. It's an ornamental stone, usually green or greenish-white in color.