3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas

Crystal for a third year anniversary material. » read gift background

Crystal Anniversary Gift Set - Glass Eggs

Crystal Anniversary Gift Set

Two crystal eggs are in this gift set. They hold flowerbud-like shapes and a swirl of frozen glass bubbles. Each crystal is a unique object. These pieces are handmade in the Czech Republic.

Unique Czech Vase (blue-turquoise) for 3rd Anniversary Gift

Crystal Vase for 3rd Anniversary Gift

Crystal is the traditional gift to celebrate a 3rd anniversary. Blue and Turquoise flow together in this lovely vase. Bold colors and gently rounded glass all mix together in this new design.

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Light Brown
  • Flower: Fuchsia Blossom
  • Gemstone: Jade/Pearls

The traditional 3rd anniversary gift is Leather.  A bit more durable than cotton, leather is often found in accessories.  If well treated, it can age beautifully!

Crystal is the suggested gift of modern gift lists. It seems a likely follow up after the 2nd anniversary choice of china. In the world of gifts, crystal means quality glassware with a high level of transparency and brilliance. Crystal gifts are usually created for the table or as ornamental pieces for display around the home.. Many classic pieces have been created for the formal meals of the holidays. But newer designs can be more casual, colorful, and playful.