45th Anniversary Gift Ideas

45th anniversary material is Sapphire! » read gift background

Blue Sapphire Necklace - 45th Wedding Anniversary Gift

45th Anniversary Gift

Sapphire is the suggested gift for a 45th anniversary according to tradition. This Sapphire Droplet necklace was inspired by a single drop of water touching the surface of a still lake... Its effects are felt far beyond where it began.

Murano heart pendant (blue sapphire + gold) for 45th Anniversary Gift

45th Anniversary Gift

This romantic heart was crafted in Murano, Italy. Crafted by hand, each unique pendant is a swirl of blue sapphire and gold foil.

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Sapphire Red
  • Gemstone: Sapphire

45th Anniversary is Sapphire for both the modern and traditional anniversary gift list.

A sapphire is a colored gemstone, that is usually a blue. It sometimes is found in other colors, as well. Like a ruby, a sapphire is also formed from the mineral, corundum.