4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

4th anniversary material is Flower... » read gift background

6 sided kutani vase with a cherry flower motif - 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift

4th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Flowers are the traditional gift to celebrate a 4th anniversary. Sakura is the Japanese name for cherry blossoms. This 6 sided porcelain vase is decorated with a cherry flower design.

Sterling Silver Flower Pendant - 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift

4th Anniversary Gift

Flowers are the traditional gift to celebrate a 4th anniversary. This unusual pendant captures the idea in sterling silver. An outline of a flower appears in silhouette, set off by a silver snake chain.

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Green
  • Flower:
  • Gemstone: Blue Topaz/Amethyst

The traditional 4th anniversary gift is Fruit or Flowers.

Possibly the choice might be connected with fertility.  Both fruits and flowers are associated with reproduction.  The connection between a few years of marriage and starting to have children seems about right.

As for gifts, you have to use your imagination in how to buy a gift of fruit (with a straight face, as least). But there are some possibilities… fruit of the month clubs, fruit baskets, and bouquets made of fruit…

Flowers are always a safe bet for their beauty.  A downside is the limited lifespan for enjoyment.  It also tends to be a fairly common gift, and one that can look like it was bought at the last minute gift.

One way to enhance a fresh bouquet, would be to buy the flowers in combination with a lovely vase.  That way the flowers can be enjoyed for the week.  And the vase can be enjoyed forever.

Another possibility might be a pendant of a flower or fruit.  We have a flower pendant in the Traces Collection, that capture the outline of a flower, in sterling silver.

The suggested fourth anniversary gift on the modern gift list is an appliance. What it lacks in sexy, it makes up for in practical... If finances are tight, it makes lots of sense. But buying some flowers along with the new dishwashwer would probably be a smart idea...