50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

50th anniversary material is Gold » read gift background

Gold Harmony Heart Jewelry - 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift

50th Anniversary Gift

Gold is the traditional gift material to celebrate a 50th anniversary. This solid 18k gold pendant is a Harmony Heart. The unique design symbolizes 2 people coming together to form 1 heart.

White Gold Harmony Heart - 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift

50th Anniversary Gift

This version of the Harmony Heart pendant is created from 18k white gold. The delicate white gold chain is accented by yellow gold beads along its length.

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Gold/Yellow
  • Flower:Violet
  • Gemstone: Gold/Golden Topaz/Golden Beryl/Amethyst

50th Anniversary is Gold for both the modern and traditional anniversary gift list. A 50th wedding anniversary is clearly as major a milestone as exists...

Gold is… well… gold! A rare and expensive material. Its association with true value is clear. From gold bars to gold coins to gold wedding rings, it has both a symbolic and very real association with value and permanence.

Gold has been known for its beauty for thousands of years. Part of the allure of this material for jewelry designers and other artists, is its workability. It can be used in the form of amazingly thin gold leaf, to cover the dome of a cathedral. Or it can hammered and shaped into a perfectly proportioned ring or intricate pendant, which can be worn for years without tarnishing.