55th Anniversary Gift Ideas

55th Anniversary is Emerald » read gift background

Silver Ogee with a Twist - 55th Wedding Anniversary Gift

55th anniversary gift

The original Ogee design was inspired by the double-curved line of connection in the Yin-Yang symbol for harmony. Here, it's given a 3D twist to make it even more sculptural.

Silver Ogee Twist Earrings - 55th Wedding Anniversary Gift

55th anniversary gift

Silver earrings with a twist. These earrings are quite sculptural, taking the already interesting Ogee shape and twisting it to give it a third dimension.

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Emerald Green
  • Flower:Calla
  • Gemstone: Emerald/Alexandrite

55th Anniversary is Emerald for both the modern and traditional anniversary gift list.

An emerald is a natural gemstone, green in color. Almost all have inclusions and imperfections within them, making them fairly brittle, Lovely, nonetheless, they have been used as ornamental gemstones for thousands of years.