5th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Fifth anniversary material is wood...why wood?? » read gift background

5th wedding anniversary gifts: Silver "Ogee"Pendant in a wood jewelry box

5th wedding anniversary gift

Wood is the traditional anniversary gift for a 5th wedding anniversary. This "Ogee"pendant is presented in a polished wood jewelry box.

5th Anniversary Gift Set: 5 Diamond Facet Necklace in a Wood Box

5th wedding anniversary gift

This 5 Diamond Facet Neckace was specially designed to celebrate a 5th anniversary!. 5 diamonds, 5 sides, 5 years...

If you look for a romantic anniversary gifts for your wife, then this 5 Diamonds facet necklace is perferct choice. The necklace is also presented in a polished wood box.

5 yearanniversary gifts for her: Sun and Moon Laquerware Jewelry

Wood Jewelry for 5th Anniversary

This novel pendant is created from lacquered wood, Abstract symbols for the sun and moon ornament the surface. It comes with a sterling silver chain.

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Turquoise
  • Flower: Daisy
  • Gemstone: Turquoise/Sapphire

The traditional material for a 5th Anniversary is Wood.

Firmer than fabric or leather, wood is also more durable.  It is also more malleable than the metals celebrated in later years, such as silver or gold. Naturally beautiful, wood seems an apt choice to celebrate 5 years of marriage.

Silverware is the gift suggested by the modern anniversary gift list. High quality silverware would accent the china and crystal purchased in earlier years. It's a useful gift for the home, if these items haven't been picked up in the proceeding years.