60th Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Diamond Droplet Necklace - 60th Wedding Anniversary Gift

60th Anniversary Gift

A quarter carat diamond is at the core of this 18k white gold pendant. This diamond droplet necklace was inspired by a single drop of water lightly touching the surface of a still lake. Its effects are felt far beyond where it began...

Diamond Heart Necklace - 60th Wedding Anniversary Gift

60th Diamond anniversary gift

This Diamond Harmony Heart Necklace is a perfect gift, both meaningful and beautiful. The shape symbolizes two people coming together to form one heart. Ten diamonds glide down the center of this unique 18k white gold pendant.

Anniversary Background

  • Color: White
  • Flower:
  • Gemstone: Diamond/Star Ruby

60th Anniversary is Diamond for both the modern and traditional anniversary gift list. They are among the rarest and most valuable of gems.

Diamonds are actually crystallized carbon formed over eons, under extraordinarily high heat and pressure. Pure, clear, with a shimmering brilliance and fire within. Diamonds also have an inner strength and is the hardest natural material that exists. They take light, reflect and refract it, bringing out hidden colors within it.

The way that diamonds are often judged as gemstones is according to the 4 C's: carat, cut, clarity, and color. A carat is a measurement of weight. Natural diamonds increase dramatically in price, as their weight (and proportional size) increase. Cut describes the diamonds overall shape, the number of facets and proportions they've been cut to. It allows a diamond's brilliance (brightness, sparkle, etc.) to be maximized.

Clarity refers to tiny flaws within the diamond. Inclusions are inside the gem, blemishes are on the outside. All but the finest diamonds, have some flaws. But the highest quality diamonds don't have flaws that are visible to the naked eye.

Color refers to the overall color of the diamond. They actually vary from light yellow to colorless. In most cases, colorless (or close to it) is preferred and considered more valueable.

There are now man-made diamonds as well. They have many industrial uses, and are also used in less expensive jewelry. Though less expensive and quite useful, these synthetic diamonds are not considered nearly as prized or valuable as natural diamonds.