6th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Sixth anniversary material is iron.. » read gift background

Japanese Iron Flower Vase - 6th Annivesary Gift

Japanese iron flower vase for 6th Anniversary Gift

This unusual vase is created from cast iron. Its asymmetric form gives it a bold outline. The black color sets off the color of the flowers set in it. It works well with simple flower arrangements.

Cast Iron Hourglass Vase- 6th Anniversary gift

Iron Vase for 6th Anniversary Gift

This vase has a graceful, elongated shape, tapering in from both top and bottom. The narrowness belies the solid feel... Cast from iron, it's extremely stable.

Japanese Lacquerware Jewelry Box for 6th Anniversary

Wooden jewelry box

This jewelry box has an delicate orchid pattern inlay on the surface. The interior is padded to hold her valuables. Unusual and exquisitely executed, this lacquered jewelry box is a perfect wedding anniversary gift.

Anniversary Background

  • Color: White
  • Flower: Calla Lily
  • Gemstone: Amethyst/Garnet

The traditional 6th anniversary gift is Iron or Candy.

It’s hard to guess why candy is one of the items associated with a 6th anniversary, outside of the idea of sweetness. But maybe that’s enough of a reason… Chocolate may be common, but it’s hard not to like!

Iron seems more in keeping with the other items of a traditional wedding anniversary gift list. It follows the continuum of durability. The sixth year is the earliest anniversary that a metal appears in. Iron is known for its durability and usefulness, though less frequently for its beauty. However, the black coloring is both simple and strong.

Buying a useful iron pot for a 6th anniversary may have worked 50 years ago, but it might be more of a stretch today. Heck, it may have been a stretch 50 years ago… Luckily, iron can be cast in many striking shapes beyond the purely functional. Possibly a traditional Japanese cast iron teapot might be the right combination of use and beauty. Or perhaps the traditional material of iron, cast in the shape of a very contemporary vase.

Wood is suggested for a sixth anniversary gift by the modern gift list. Natural, practical, and beautiful, it can be formed into intricate designs or simply enjoyed in it's natural state.