7th Anniversary Gift Ideas

The modern gift lists suggest desk accesories for the seventh wedding anniversary... » read gift background

Marble Business Card Holder - Unique Desk Accessory

7th Anniversary Gift

This business card holder can hold upto 45 cards. 3 separate slots multiply the impact of your business cards. Its unique design keeps your business cards at hand, while adding a sophisticated touch to your desktop.

Brazilian Jewelry Box - Keepsake Box

7th Anniversary Gift

This keepsake box is a work of art. 4 padded compartments are within this wood box to hold your valuables. But the outside is what makes it really special.

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Off White
  • Flower: Jack-in-the-Pulpit
  • Gemstone: Onyx/Lapis lazuli

The traditional 7th anniversary gift is Wool or Copper.

Wool continues along the theme of wearable goods of earlier wedding anniversary years, such as cotton or leather. Wool is renowned for its warmth. Though originally used for commodity items, such as sweaters or blankets, it can be used for luxury items, as well. Beyond the warmth, high grades of wool can be surprisingly soft as well. A luxurious cashmere scarf is a perfect example… warm, soft, and luxurious!

Copper is a metal renowned for its durability, but also for its beauty. A lovely patina coats copper after some time, enhancing its appearance. More costly than iron, the color is more richly hued… an orange-brown (if sealed in its original state) or a soft blue-green patina (if exposed to weather). It’s fairly malleable for a metal.

The modern gift lists suggest a different present for the seventh wedding anniversary... desk accesories. It's a suitable gift for husband or wife. An advantage of a more practical gift like a desk accessory, is it can be enjoyed every day rather than just special occasions.