8th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Eighth anniversary material is Bronze or Pottery... » read gift background

Kutani Pottery - Japanese Bud Vase for 8th Anniversary Gift

8th Anniversary Gift

This Kutani bud vase has a blue flower on a black & beige background. The bold contrasts allow this porcelain vase to make a strong statement even without flowers

Japanese Bud Vase (peony flower design) for 8th Anniversary Gift

8th Anniversary Gift

An outline of a peony flower embellishes this porcelain bud vase. The background color of this kutani vase is a quiet beige. It provides a quiet base with a lovely shape... all the better to highlight the flower arrangement above.

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Bronze
  • Flower: Clematis
  • Gemstone: Tourmaline

The traditional anniversary gift list suggests Bronze or Pottery for an 8th Anniversary gift.

Bronze is an alloy of copper with tin and occasionally other elements added in.  It’s corrosion resistant and firmer than copper alone.  A very early and basic metal, it combines many useful properties… think "bronze age" thousands of years ago, along with basic tools.  Bronze is also a material of beauty, long used to cast sculptures for the ages.

Pottery is both a simple and sophisticated material.  Created from a simple and natural material, clay. It’s then heated to a high temperature (fired) in a kiln.  Though potentially breakable, if handled gently, fired pottery can last through the ages.  Pots, vessels, and sculptures, have lasted for thousands of years.

The Japanese ceramics we carry tend to have fairly simple shapes with a rich multi-hued glazing.  They have a hint of wabi-sabi in them.  That’s the Japanese term for capturing a bit of the human hand in a design (not perfectly symmetrical, not totally smooth).  The idea is to proudly highlight some of the imperfections of a design, rather than try to achieve a machine-made look.

The modern gift list suggest linen or lace for an eighth anniversary gift. Linen is light, crisp, and classic for a man or a woman. Lace is fancy and feminine.