9th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Ninth anniversary material is Willow or Pottery....Why?? » read gift background

9th Wedding Anniversry Gift - Kutani Pottery from Japan

9th Anniversary Gift

Kutani Pottery has been crafted in Japan for over 300 years. This porcelain bud vase is imported from Japan. The vase is beautifully glazed in a teal color.

Kutani Teacups - designed for couples: For a traditional 9th anniversary gift

9th Anniversary Gift

This pair of Japanese teacups was designed to be given to couples. One teacup is designed to be slightly smaller than the other! They are embellished with an image of a kikyou flower

Anniversary Background

  • Color: Terracotta
  • Flower: Poppy
  • Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli/Green Spinel/Jasper

The traditional 9th anniversary gift is Willow or Pottery.

The associations of willow include natural, durable and flexible.  It can be woven into wicker, and used for baskets, chairs, and other furniture.

Why is pottery repeated from the 8th anniversary?  Just guessing here, but perhaps there were competing lists, one listing it for the 8th, and the other for the 9th.  Not knowing which way to go, current lists offer this same material for both.

Though pottery has been used for thousands of years, the possibilities are infinite. The designs take on the tastes of the times they’re created in.  The forms can be simple or complex, the glazing pure or multi-hued.

Leather is the material suggested by the modern gift list for a ninth anniversary.  A rich material, if well cared for, it can grow more beautiful with age.