Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

The practice of giving certain materials for different wdding anniversaries dates back to medieval times. It began with milestone anniversaries like 25th and 50th. It's grown more....

We offer unique gift ideas by wedding anniversary gift year. Traditional & Modern anniversary gift lists suggest specific materials for each year. We'll tell you what these are on the traditional and modern anniversary gift table below.

Why sspecific materials are suggested for each year? What's the color for specific anniversary year? You'll see more details about anniversary gifts in the gift background sections on each page.

Anniversary year & Materials

Anniversary Year
Traditional Gift
Modern Gift
Suggested Gift
1st Anniversary
Paper Clock 1st Anniversary Gifts
2nd Anniversary
Cotton China 2nd Anniversary Gifts
3rd Anniversary
Leather Crystal/ Glass 3rd Anniversary Gifts
4th Anniversary
Fruit/ Flower Appliance 4th Anniversary Gifts
5th Anniversary
Wood Silverware 5th Anniversary Gifts
6th Anniversary
Iron/Candy Wood 6th Anniversary Gifts
7th Anniversary
Wool/Copper Desk Accessories 7th Anniversary Gifts
8th Anniversary
Bronze/Pottery Linen/Lace 8th Anniversary Gifts
9th Anniversary
Willow/Pottery Leather 9th Anniversary Gifts
10th Anniversary
Tin/Aluminum Diamond 10th Anniversary Gifts
15th Anniversary
Crystal Watch 15th Anniversary Gifts
20th Anniversary
China Platinum 20th Anniversary Gifts
25th Anniversary
Silver Silver 25th  Anniversary Gifts
30th Anniversary
Pearl Diamond 30th Anniversary Gifts
35th Anniversary
Coral Jade 35th Anniversary Gifts
40th Anniversary
Ruby Ruby 40th Anniversary Gifts
45th Anniversary
Sapphire Sapphire 45th Anniversary Cifts
50th Anniversary
Gold Gold 50th Anniversary Gifts
60th Anniversary
Diamond Diamond 60th Anniversary Gifts